Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day with Hermis!

Administrative Professionals’ Day is April 21, 2021 and it’s fast approaching! It’s a day that’s dedicated to celebrating the important cogs in every company that work so hard to keep operations running smoothly, staff working efficiently and all teams remaining productive.

In the workplace of the future, with dispersed teams becoming a norm, admin professionals are reaching an even greater level of criticality. Our valued business partners help shape the “new normal” while leading the effort to reinvent how they support their teams as all organizations adjust to a very remote workplace environment. On this Administrative Professionals day, show appreciation to your admin professionals by:

  • Organizing fun virtual team activities
  • Suggest a quick, fun game of Office Talk Bingo
  • Challenge the team to a Virtual Escape Room
  • Host a Happy Hour Mingle

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At Hermis, we have put together a plethora of fun activities for this day. Treat your admins to a round of Trivia, Where in the World or even Scavenger Hunt.

Use this day to create stronger bonds and have fun at the same time through activities that are a breath of fresh air; breaking away from the monotony of back-to-back virtual meetings.

Team members will bond through laughter and organic conversation. As a remote group plays, they will learn what they have in common through engaging diverse activities that are different every time. Furthermore, these connections can improve the physical outlook of the team: studies show that people with more social interactions maintain better health. It’s a win-win: playing together promotes health and commits the group to a common goal.

Play for 15 minutes or an hour, it’s simple to set up:

Hermis is constantly reinventing and creating fresh, simple activities that support the efforts of every admin professional. It may be a custom onboarding Mingle session for new employees or a series of activities to support a summer internship program. Hermis constantly adds new material so the activities are always new and exciting. If there’s a holiday coming up, there’s a content pack of seasonal games for your team to play. Every event on the calendar is covered and it’s super easy to set up a group game. The games include: Team Trivia, Bingo, Scavenger Hunts, Odd-One-Out and many others. If your team wants to interact more directly, the Mingle function is ideal. Mingle and Speed Networking promotes fun engagement – like being at a party. This virtual team-building platform is ideal because everyone gets a chance to participate and no one is ever left behind.

"Working from home" by Daveybot is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

“Working from home” by Daveybot is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Sign-up for Administrative Professionals’ Day celebration at Hermis

On Administrative Professionals’ Day, April 21, 2021, Hermis is hosting an event at 12:00pm PT. It’s an event where admin professionals from leading companies are joining for a lunch hour discussing the future of work and networking with colleagues all over North America. If you would like to snag an invite to the event, please click on the link button below and register.

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