Five Things To Consider To Keep Remote Employees Engaged In 2022

Companies are struggling to create a fun virtual working environment for their employees. Remote work has limited face-to-face interactions. Lack of social engagement can affect employee communication, workplace camaraderie, and interpersonal networking. Working in silos also harms employees' mental well-being. According to Monster, working from home causes 69% of employees to burn out. 

A Harvard Business Review states that engaged employees would result in a multi-fold increase in success. To this end, businesses have no choice but to reform to keep their workers engaged in a distributed workplace.

Here are five things businesses can incorporate into their organizations to make remote work more engaging and fascinating for their employees.

1. Cultivate a Connected Culture

Employees enjoy being a part of their company and want to feel included. They work for hours on end and crave a sense of belonging and connection to the company's mission. Companies that fail to develop a relationship with their employees will eventually lose them.

To foster a culture of connectedness, companies should treat their employees as individuals with distinct personalities, ideas, and stories. Employers should create a safe environment for their employees to share their anecdotes, live their lives, and forge meaningful bonds with their coworkers.

Even in remote settings, managers can establish a deep connection with their employees with the help of Speed Mingle on Hermis. This fun activity allows employees to network with their colleagues and get to know them. It leverages time, adds a fun quotient, and stimulates effective networking within the company.

2. Foster Positive Team-Building Activities

Creativity thrives in a fun environment. Companies can use this to their advantage by incorporating fun activities into their employees' work life. Team-building events bring employees together, break the monotony of the job, and encourage innovative thinking.

Team-building activities should be fun and efficient. They should lower employee fatigue, promote mutual respect, and allow team members to learn more about one another, including how they think, approach, and solve challenges.

Companies are looking for creative team-building activities to entertain their staff in a remote work environment. Hermis has a variety of virtual team-building activities and fun games that appeal to employees with a wide range of interests. 

Hermis has fun team-building activities, including Scavenger Hunt, Bingo, One Minute Story, Riddles, Forbidden Words, Doodle Challenge, Haunted House, Charades, and more fun games.

3. Make Meetings Entertaining

People do not dislike meetings. But meetings without an agenda or time limit disinterest them. Some of the many reasons meetings go awry are that employees often complain about a meeting that could have been an email, presentations lacking a motto, and the presence of the wrong people in the room. Even after one has sorted all these factors and held a meeting, there is still a probability that employees may be unhappy.

Virtual meetings can be tedious, especially if they last for an extended period. A human attention span defies concentration no matter how compelling and immersive the presentation is. As a result, companies must incorporate an element of entertainment into meetings to make them productive and entertaining.

Funtivity by Hermis is the best approach to make meetings fun and engaging. You can have Funtivity before the meeting starts, during the breakout sessions, or even at the end of the meeting to entice your employees to stay focused on the discussion. Funtivity by Hermis is available for Webex and Zoom.

4. Take Care of Your Employees' Mental Health

Mental health remains taboo to this date. Companies should start caring about their employees' mental health. Pandemic-related lockdowns, poor physical health, uncertainty, and remote employment all exacerbated mental illness. All the employee engagement efforts will be for naught if the employees aren't in good mental health.

Companies should make their employees' mental health their priority. Encourage their employees to talk about their feelings, take mental health days off, and seek help. Also, create an environment where employees work without exhausting their mental health.

Activities on Hermis allow people to take a break from their work, connect emotionally with their peers, channel their inner kid, and have fun even at work albeit for a short time.

5. Celebrate Your Employees

Every company applauds employees’ results; however, very few acknowledge their employees’ efforts. A good leader analyzes what went wrong in their employees’ efforts and addresses them without letting the employees down. They will boost the morale of the employee, build trust and earn respect. An appreciated worker will put in more effort and take it personally to get the job done.

Celebrate not only the birthdays of the employees but also celebrate their success and stories. 

The past two years taught us we need empathy more than ever, even at the workplace. According to a study, engaging in group activities might help people build empathy. 

To conclude, companies are facing challenges in managing and engaging their distributed workforce. Hermis, with its fun team-building activities, can assist remote companies in improving employee interactions, promoting employee engagement, and strengthening employee relationships.

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