Hermis Celebrates The First Virtual Administrative Professionals Day Event

Hermis, the virtual events solution for corporate “fun-tivities” held the first-ever virtual event for administrators in celebration of Administrative Professionals’ Day on Wednesday, April 21. There was a record attendance of more than 160 executive administrators from leading tech companies like Google, ServiceNow, Cisco, Intel, and more.

The event included a cameo guest speaker Brian Baumgartner, aka Kevin Malone from “The Office”, and Susan Lamotte, an industry expert speaking about the “Future of Work”. This was followed by a speed networking session and capped off with a trivia activity dedicated to Admin Professionals in TV and the movies.

Of the 5 activities, Trivia was an overwhelming success, the attendees particularly enjoyed the ‘Huddle’ feature of Hermis, that allows teams to discuss something amongst themselves while playing an activity so that others don’t hear them and their secret machinations.

A sneak peak of the Trivia activity, that all attendees absolutely enjoyed:


In Remington Steele, Stephanie Zimbalist pretended to be the assistant to Remington, but was actually the brains behind the operation. Who played Remington Steele?

  1. Pierce Brosnan
  2. Bruce Willis
  3. Tom Hanks
  4. Michael J. Fox

“Admin Professionals are very important to organizations and do so much for their teams”, said Mohan Gummalam CEO of Hermis. “We wanted to give back and show our appreciation using the Hermis solution. It was a wonderful and fun event.”

Several studies have shown that companies are looking for new ways to engage their work-from-home or distributed employees through team bonding events. The opportunities arise from events like company offsites, social get-togethers, ice-breaker questions for new employees, team celebrations, and festive occasions.  

The Hermis platform helps corporations with virtual team bonding events and planning. There are events for almost every occasion, ranging from Employee Appreciation Day this past March to Pride Day in June and everything in between. Each Hermis event offers a wide range of employee activities including Trivia, Bingo, Scavenger Hunt, and more.

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