Hermis is now available on Zoom!

We have some very exciting news!

Hermis is now available as an app for  Zoom. It’s called “Funtivity by Hermis”.

Zoom Apps are in-product apps from 3rd party developers that seamlessly integrate into the Zoom experience. Apps are directly accessible from the Zoom Meetings client.  “Funtivity by Hermis” can be found in the Zoom Apps Marketplace.

We are really excited to be part of the Zoom Apps launch. Hermis was started on the premise that with a distributed workforce, there is no easy way for remote employees to socialize with each other.  With the launch of the app, Zoom users will find it extremely easy to take a  break from the grind and have some ‘funtivity’ from within Zoom.

Now users can use the familiar interface of Zoom and the fun elements of Funtivity to connect with fellow employees. One of the best ways of energizing your team is to launch a 5-minute Funtivity session at the beginning of the meeting. It allows people to break ice and make the meetings more productive.  Another popular way to get the team together is by dedicating an hour for team building.  Finally, by introducing breakout sessions in an All Hands meeting, a large team of Zoom attendees can get the opportunity to connect with each other.

Getting started with “Funtivity by Hermis” is easy.  Once you upgrade your Zoom client to the latest version, you click on the “Apps” icon in the bottom tray.  Then search for “Funtivity” and install the Funtivity App. You can also directly install Funtivity by Hermis app. If you have trouble installing the app to your client, please contact the Zoom help desk.  Once installed, launch the Funtivity App.  The same familiar interface of Hermis is now available to you from within Zoom.

We’re happy to bring you this news. If you have any questions, please get in touch:

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