How to Make Summer Internships a Success using Virtual Activities

While most of the corporate world has adapted to support highly distributed virtual teams, there is still much work to be done when considering how to engage employees in meaningful virtual team-bonding activities. As for summer interns, the true opportunity of an internship lies in connecting with future colleagues, bonding with fellow interns and beginning to build a career-long network. A virtual mode internship should not be a hindrance to this critical element of the internship experience..

In an article by SHRM, Rebekah Paré, associate dean at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and executive director of SuccessWorks, a professional development center at the school said “”Experiencing the culture of an organization is the hardest thing to replicate in a remote space.”

Hermis, a virtual team building platform has a plethora of activities that benefit the summer internship program. Teams can use a varied set of activities on Hermis.

Summer internships are right round the corner and the excited young minds are energized at the thought of recapturing some lost normalcy..This year however, has been a bit different, while many companies have delayed or altogether cancelled their internship programs for 2021, there are plenty who have retained these programs although completely virtual in their setup. Historically, internships have been an exciting part of the college experience; a time to go out into the real world, experience what corporate life is like and embrace the opportunity to rub shoulders with industry veterans..

  1. Add some interactive fun during live webinar sessions
  2. Company culture custom created for Trivia
  3. Create custom onboarding activities to incubate interns into the company culture
  4. Organize fun-tivity on Hermis with calendar full of events
  5. Using our key feature “Mingleto engage interns in an interactive virtual networking, we provide fun ice-breaker hints!
  6. Create a virtual ‘water cooler’ chat session, any of the interns can choose to stop by at on Hermis

Setting up your team on Hermis is as easy as setting up a Google calendar invite, sign up on our website and connect with our sales team to schedule a demo session, or go ahead and create an event from our calendar of scheduled events, invite your teams through easy copy-paste links and enjoy!

Hermis hosts a demo session every week on Wednesday at 12pm (PST), feel free to join here.

Experience the Hermis world, and empower your interns to learn and grow in their experience with your organization just as they would in an in-person environment.

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