Team Building Success: Tips, Advice and more

Are you responsible for your company’s team building success? Are you onboarding a new group of employees? Have a set of interns for the summer that you need to coordinate? Let Hermis increase the morale and integration of your team with games and mingling activities.

A study done by Buffer on “State of Remote Work” states that people are feeling disconnected and lonely from their time working at home. Surveys show that loneliness and lack of communication are big difficulties for remote workers.


How to make them happier?

Studies show that teams that participate in fun activities together interact better and function more effectively. Participating in games can help identify strengths that team members don’t usually see on a day-to-day basis. Activities also can give employees a chance to take different roles than they traditionally have at work and communicate in a different way. Managers are on an equal footing with the rest of the team when you’re all engaging in activities together. Even better: it has been scientifically shown that team productivity benefits from regular team building exercises.

Have you run out of the standard trivia and dry games?

Hermis stands alone in providing fresh content for your team to play. Every week new material is added for you to experience. There are fun-tivites for holidays and for interesting topics. Hermis has an amazing mingle function that allows your people to have casual chats or formal meetings. It’s easy to use and effective.

Whether you are looking for a weekly ½ hour trivia happy hour or hosting an event for hundreds, Hermis has a solution for you. Your team will be happy, your goal of increasing productivity will be achieved and you will shine. Win-win-win!

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