Using Virtual Events to Support Your Company’s Diversity & Inclusion Program

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is bringing together diverse experiences, backgrounds and ways of working together to achieve a common goal. While, D&I efforts are at the forefront of all organizations, and they may have done a great job at hiring people with disabilities, people of color, folks for all age groups and genders, it is what we do once this diverse set of people come together that can create the real impact. This is a worthy goal and well worth the effort – a 2018 McKinsey report shows that diversity correlates with profitability.

McKinsey Report

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Unfortunately, this diversity can also work against your team feeling like a cohesive unit. Some people have a hard time connecting with those they don’t share a background with. Most teams historically have included celebration of diversity through languages, festivals and cultural events. In a dispersed team scenario that effort has hit a bump. How do you celebrate diversity with dispersed teams? This very problem is what Hermis, a virtual team building platform, is fixing. Socialization in remote teams is not a new challenge, but it is something that we are facing at an unprecedented scale today.

Hermis supports your company’s Diversity and Inclusion program through some engaging “Funtivities”!

Create a Team-Oriented Organization

Make sure to check in with your team frequently, so that you can anticipate problems and get a feel for where your team might need help. A virtual meeting will help keep everyone on the same page. But the same boring meeting isn’t a great morale booster. One way to check in with the team while keeping it light is to participate in games together. Giving coworkers a chance to let off some steam together is a great way to create good morale. Letting your team know that everyone is welcome on game day is key to making an inclusive workplace environment.

Encourage Informal Communication

A virtual game event brings about low-key communication between your team members. It’s tough to be formal with another team member when shouting, “The answer is Bart Simpson!” This type of communication is vital for increasing understanding amongst coworkers.

Break Barriers Using Games

Playing together also brings down barriers that exist because of workplace hierarchy. It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss or brand-new hire at the basic level, finding a scavenger hunt item for your team gets the same points. Interacting in this way also increases the things coworkers have in common.

Learn New Things About Your Coworkers

Answering trivia questions or playing bingo keeps things light between team members and can show surprising strengths. You may find out that your newest member is a whiz at trivia or that a quiet team member is really great at wordplay. Playing together also gives team members a chance to show leadership qualities: you may find your team being organized by a coworker that normally is a follower.

Boost Individual Understanding Using Fun Activities

While solving a trivia set involving pictures of the world, you might find that your coworker is great at geography: not everyone knows where the Taj Mahal is located! You may also find that playing with a team member can give you a mutual respect that wasn’t there before. Coworkers will find their different strengths an asset.

These strengths can lead to fresh ideas from your team, better communication and great morale. Your company will profit from the diversity of your workforce. It’s a win-win situation.

Hermis has all the solutions for your team-bonding and inclusivity needs for a whole year. We have created an engaging and custom created a host of events for you! Get a sneak peak on what’s on this month?

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