Why Hermis

We created Hermis on the premise that company leadership will have to find ways to help employees stay connected with each another as teams work remotely.

Distributed virtual teams are the new norm

What started as a one time measure to combat Covid-19, remote employee workforce has now become mainstream. Experts are asking corporations to adjust to the new reality of distributed teams. Many companies have gone a step further giving their employees the flexibility to work from home on a permanent basis.

Disconnected workforce

In a physical office environment, companies are able to provide various avenues for employees to build connections with each other through lunches, team events and offsites.  With the prevalence of a remote workforce, leaders are scrambling to ensure that their employees don’t feel isolated. Without convenient tools, employees are using disparate methods to bond over existing video conferencing tools.

A platform to enable team building

To help employees stay connected with their team members, we built a platform for organizing team-building events. These events could be:

  • Self-hosted or professionally managed

  • Recurring or occasional

  • Pre-planned events or impromptu meet-ups

  • For small-teams or large organizations

Hermis is designed to handle all the nuances around organizing and conducting these different types of events.

Easily create team building events

With Hermis, one can host an event simply by clicking on a button. With many built-in activities to choose from, the job of organizing an event just became a whole lot simpler.  And with the customization support, make it look and feel like your own party.

And for the events that need some professional touch, Hermis even allows you to find and book an event host to run the event for you.

Take the stress out of planning a team building event

With Hermis, companies have a great option for team building – without the stress of planning, scheduling and conducting them.

Teams can focus on bonding when the job of event organization is outsourced to someone else.

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